When Assets
are Perfect,
Everyone’s Happy.

Sesimi’s intuitive platform allows you to store, manage and share all your marketing assets in one place to make your life easier.

With marketing assets compliant to your brand stored in one place, teams will have more time to work on the stuff that matters.

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It's All in the Details

Upload and Store

Getting your assets into Sesimi is easy with the ability to bulk upload with drag and drop. Every file type you can think of is able to be uploaded and it’s all securely stored in the cloud.

Search the Way You Want

The advanced search features built into Sesimi cover every possible way you can  look for files. Search by the content within – location, colors, people, format and more. See Sesimi search while you type!

Edit Assets Like a Pro 

With Sesimi, you don’t need design programs to edit your assets. Resize, crop, trim, and color adjust without stepping foot in a graphic design studio. And when you’re done apply the edits to a single file or in bulk.

A Smarter Way to Organize

Sorting, naming, deleting, renaming and tagging assets – with Sesimi, it’s so easy. Creating unlimited folders and categories – simple. Filtering and facets using tags or metadata, SKU PIM and file type – all second nature. Dealing with rights management/ embargo on assets and copyright issues – child’s play.

Seamlessly Output and Share

Sesimi makes sure you can output any way you want with the ability to convert your assets to any media, and any file type. And when you’re ready, share as many assets as you want with whoever you want, wherever they are.

Get Your Access Pass

Sesimi does a great job of balancing freedom with control. Control user access with permissions and group access for internal and external teams. SSO via SAML connects your team with Sesimi without hassle every time.

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