The power to create, manage and share branded content. Instantly.

• Bring on the magic.

Build and deliver quality, on-brand marketing in no time at all.

• Power up your team.

More efficient marketing means more time to focus on the big stuff.

• No surprises.

Seamless integration, smart approvals processes and secure IT systems mean you can grow with confidence.

Sesimi is technology trusted by over 8,000 companies around the globe.

Open up a world of benefits.

Simple, secure access
to all your marketing.
One secure, accessible place for all your approved marketing resources. Finding, using and adapting your assets and content resources is simple and fast. Sesimi supercharges your team.
Beautiful Marketing.
Everywhere. Instantly.
Only Sesimi can turn one creation or one media schedule into one campaign with just one click. We call it One-to-Many. You'll probably call it 'Changed my freaking life'. You just got back a mountain of time to do real work. You're welcome :)
Grow your brand with
perfect confidence.
Sesimi heroes your brand's beautiful design. By infusing your brand DNA into every template, all your marketing is pure. Every creation is mint, on-message and compliant. Nothing out of place. No legal issues. And best of all... no-one going rogue.
Silky smooth workflows
make smiles flow too.
When things are this easy, people are happy. Happy to collaborate on content creation. Happy to share assets and resources with external 3rd parties. Happy to sign off fast on finished work. Happy to create great stakeholder experiences. Sesimi makes work fun again.
Why pay for
Campaign Production?
Ad production fees for head office? Gone.
Ad Production fees for the network? Ditto.
Make your own great content using Sesimi's powerful template technology and edit your assets at will without so much as a 'ching-ching' in the background. How will you use all that unspent cash?
Sesimi plays friendly
at your house.
APIs ensure Sesimi plugs into your marketing ecosystem seamlessly. Sesimi also takes enormous pressure off your internal network (get acres of Gigabytes back on your server), plus all the GDPR boxes are ticked and SSO via SAML lays out the welcome mat for all your users.

Sesimi Creative Automation


  • Store Brand guidelines
  • Layouts built to brand guidelines
  • 100% Brand Compliance

  • Output to any format – social, digital, video, print
  • Despatch to any media
  • Self despatch or auto despatch
  • Pre-flight/dpi/ resolution image check

  • LAM Campaign creation
  • Global Campaign Rollout
  • Inbuilt approval functionality/workflows
  • Content Sharing between approved users
  • Personalize at scale
  • Launch/expiry embargoes

  • One-to-Many – bulk build from single creation or single media schedule
  • Build HTML
  • Build Video
  • Build Print to any size – right up to outdoor billboards
  • Edit/Build in the Cloud – no software required.
  • Editable Brand Layouts – locked elements ensure 100% Brand Compliance
  • Multilingual Layouts – all languages 
  • Real time edit and preview – no lag, no downtime

  • The most powerful search functionality in the world
  • Instant search gets you to the asset/layout you want in no time

"What is Sesimi?
Short and sweet please."

Sesimi allows you store, manage and share all your marketing assets in one place to make your life easier.

It gets your team connected to all your assets with zero pain – full control, asset editing freedom, unmatched sharing, total security, easy integration – it’s the perfect Digital Asset Management system.

What else does Sesimi do? It makes content at scale in no time.

Like… no time.

Using world-first technology called One-to-Many, you can create whole campaigns from your assets in seconds. All on brand. All beautiful.

The power of

Sesimi Digital Asset Management

The ultimate output boost.
Sesimi makes your people 30-35% more productive and gives marketing / creative teams a whole day a week back in time lost hunting for assets.
Assets under lock and key.
Sesimi stores everything on Amazon S3 Servers. Lose no sleep over your asset security.
The cloud connects your teams.
Sesimi is collaboration without pain. At Home or in Office it doesn't matter anymore. Connect and share instantly.
Brand true and here to protect.
Everything compliant to your brand plus legal safety zones built around assets that need Rights Management.
For the CFO looking for ROI.
It's pretty simple. Sesimi returns up to 15x the platform costs. Now that's an investment.
Users. Happy.
Sesimi’s UX is a delight. Follow your nose to edit and manage assets fast. Click-light intuitive goodness is everywhere, making work what it should be ... fun!

Sesimi Digital Asset Management


  • Easy Drag and drop – Single and Bulk Asset Upload
  • Upload any file type
  • Securely stored in Cloud on Amazon S3 Servers
  • Uncapped storage
  • Auto/Smart/AI tagging – images and videos.
  • Auto Analysis of uploaded file
  • Auto thumbnails
  • Upload presets
  • Guest Upload

  • Advanced search
  • Advanced image search inc. location, colour, people, format
  • Federated search – tag, meta data, SKU, PIM, file type, – Google Style search
  • Predictive search with auto complete
  • Search hints
  • Filtering – With features like InstantSearch, facets, refinements, Rules, NLU, and Personalization
  • Pinned / favourites / previously searched
  • Search by uploading image (search with a picture not text)

  • Asset Managing – Deleting, renaming, tagging
  • Filtering or facets – tag, meta data, SKU, PIM, file type,
  • Rights Management – Copyrights, embargo, archive
  • Custom data sets / Controlled custom fields / meta data
  • Unlimited folders/categories
  • Controlled custom fields
  • Auto Back up & Intelligent Version control
  • Folder / Category Managing – Deleting, renaming, tagging

  • Controlled user access /User permission/ access groups/roles
  • File Preview – without download
  • SSO / SAML
  • Integrations
  • Cloud & browser based – Access from anywhere, anytime, any platform
  • Guest access

  • Share single or multiple assets.
  • Guest share via email link
  • Set share permissions – view only, edit
  • Embed Directly
  • Output to any media platform, any file type
  • Collaboration – comments and private messages and notifications
  • On-the-fly video encoding and delivery
  • Media Optimisation
  • Responsive images

  • Edit -functions – Resize & crop, trim, colourshift
  • Bulk/batch edit
  • Video edit – scale, edit resize, crop, trim, auto cropping
  • Output to all formats – Video, HTML, Digital, Print, Print ready
  • Visual effect enhancements and image filters
  • GIF / animated image functions
  • Optimised and responsive media
  • Convert video to audio
  • Full Video effects suite.

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