What is Sesimi?

Sesimi is a place where two big ideas happen, instantly.

  1. It’s where you can store, manage, access and edit all your assets.
  2. It’s where you take those assets and make brand true content for any kind of media, so you can roll out campaigns in seconds.

Sesimi’s sophisticated DAM and Creative Automation technology is used by household names around the world to protect and grow their beautiful brands.

A Little Sesimi History

Back in the ‘noughties’ Andrew Baker and Paul Volpato had this big thought… to build a dynamic content creation platform that eliminated the need for ad agency production.

But they didn’t want it to be just any platform. They’d seen other software out there that was uninspiring, limited, and slow. Ours had to be smart, flexible, scalable. And FAST!

Most importantly, ours had to be able to roll out brand-perfect campaigns instantly.

It needed to automatically cover off the important design elements such as leading, kerning, type size in relation to spaces, logo protection etc. It had to be able to resize assets in a way that made sense visually no matter how big or small the layout. Our platform had to think like a designer. It had to protect brand integrity. 

So Andy and Paul rolled out butcher’s paper out across a few desks and drew up the whole system. Amazingly, it all made sense.

Paul went off and outlined a development roadmap, then got to work writing the code from the ground up.

Pretty soon, Sesimi was born and we’d signed our first client –Volkswagen (it’s a testimony to the dream and the Sesimi SaaS model that all these years later, they’re still one of our best clients).

By now Paul had a team of talented developers working with him and Andy had built a versatile Account Service and support team. Sesimi started to get noticed out there. Particularly in the automotive industry. We picked up Toyota, Holden, Volvo, Mazda, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Audi and Skoda. We also won Volkswagen in Canada, and Toyota in Canada – showing that the original idea and Paul’s brilliant software had caché in foreign markets too.

Along the way, we were branching out into other industries which illustrates the power and versatility of the system across different sectors.

Today, our mission is pretty much exactly as it was from the outset: 

To get the world’s best Brand Management/Automation platform in the hands of people who want to control their brand, save time, save money and spend their days doing great marketing rather than dealing with the gruntwork of ad production.

Meet Our Leaders

Andrew Baker
Chief Executive Officer

Paul Volpato
Chief Technology Officer

Nick Harknett
VP of Sales

Rene Slota
Chief Marketing Officer

Liv Sutton 
Head of People and Culture