Great content requires great creative concepts. You’ll get little argument there from Marketers.

However, on the subject of the value of creative templates, opinions can differ. Templates – good creative templates – are the foundations of brands. They tie together the building blocks – logos, typefaces, spacing, image area, type area, and all the little design DNA components that talented designers have infused into the creative approach that creates the brand essence. 

Brands are more important than a lot of people think. Your brand is your personality. Your fingerprint. Protecting it is just about the most important thing you can do in marketing.  

Branding has always been a vital part of business, but it may be more important now than ever before. With social media, consumers get exposed to new brands every day.

– Kristopher Jones in The Importance of Branding in Business

Ultimately, consumers come to trust different brands in their orbit of awareness – some more than others. A lot of that trust comes from consistent branding. “If you had to choose between a business with clear, professional-looking branding and a business that hasn’t made this effort, you probably know which one you’d trust more,” says Jones.

And this is precisely where templates play such an important role, to execute on-brand material every time. Even so, some marketers still question the ability to execute strong content within the controlled design environment that templates prescribe. Surely that’s not championing Creativity? 

“I think this is where people are getting a little hung up,” said Paul Volpato, Sesimi CTO.


When they hear the words ‘Automation’ and ‘Templates’ they assume it’s the death of Creativity, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Volpato likens it to an artist who paints a beautiful picture, then passes it off to someone like a print manager who scans the image and recreates it into all sorts of distributable outcomes – T-shirts, postcards, outdoor billboards etc.

“Sesimi is a little like the second part of that equation. The creative process happens just as it always has, then we take that creative concept and ‘brand engineer’ it within our platform. From there, the magic of Sesimi is that it can then produce combinations of that original creative in endless formats, shapes, and sizes perfectly on point.

Just like the painter and the print manager. But the difference here is that our templates enable even greater levels of creativity by allowing swappable images, headlines, text components, offers etc. In other words, it’s multiple paintings, all in the same brand family, available in all shapes and sizes in an instant.”

The brand. Baked in.

Sesimi champions great design by taking the essence of a brand and baking that into extraordinarily flexible template layouts that yield all manner of content outcomes – all of which are brand perfect. 

As Joel Birch, Principal UX Engineer at Sesimi explains, the secret sauce is encoded within our templates – it’s the mathematical ratios that ensure the balance of styling relationships that define a brand’s unique design language.”  

Balance is the operative word here. Beautifully crafted outcomes, no matter what size or shape – from the tiniest digital ad to the largest outdoor billboard. All perfectly balanced to the eye because of the array of technical tools harnessed behind the scenes. 

“It’s a significant shift away from traditional tool sets like Adobe’s Creative Suite,” Birch says. “We needed to be able to scale and scale at speed with razor-sharp precision. So we harness a mix of tools – including, but not limited to web technologies like HTML, Javascript, and CSS.”

On the face of it, it’s a pretty simple tech toolset, but just as the 12 notes of music produce infinite chords and genres, so too can the technology within Sesimi’s templating technology capture the spirit of every brand in the world.

Sesimi heroes great design.

There are many templating products available in the market today, and while they will likely be drawing from a similar tech stack, Sesimi has been built around a completely different philosophy of protecting the beauty of brands.

Great design is something to be protected – which is why Brand Compliance is a cornerstone Sesimi belief.

– Joel Birch, Sesimi UX Designer

Birch talks passionately about typography, spacing and, design integrity. It’s unusual for a developer to see the world in this way, but Birch hails from a design background. His brain is perfectly suited to the task of uniting tech and design, code, and creativity. 

He dislikes the word ‘Template’. “Sure, it’s easy to understand, but it’s pretty boring,” he says, “what we’ve developed is anything but. These templates are super flexible. Super capable.” 

The trajectory of development of the Sesimi platform has been right at the forefront of technical evolution. “It’s been the ideal time for us to develop Sesimi with its unique vision because the tech has been evolving at a pace perfectly aligned with our development. It’s as if we’ve been leaning out the front of the train laying the sleepers down as we go. It’s such an exciting time and I can’t wait for our customers to get hold of this powerful platform.”

Ultimately, all this Sesimi tech is largely hidden in the background to spotlight the brand. The brand is the hero – what connects a business’ values to like-minded audiences. In many ways, this hasn’t necessarily changed over time. Brands have always been important. But with the proliferation of media channels, there is a huge challenge to ensure they are showcased consistently across the media spectrum. 

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