Creating more efficient teams

About a fifth of a marketer’s time can be lost searching for, sharing, and retrieving digital assets. It’s valuable time that could be used keeping pace with the daily growth of your brand.

‍Sesimi’s Digital Asset Management software is here to serve as it stores, catalogues, archives and leverages assets for users across your network, deftly handling permissions workflows along the way to ensure the correct use of assets every time. If your team isn’t using a DAM, you’re losing precious time.

How to add to the bottom line

Utilise your agency for what they’re good for, ideas and creativity. Then substitute the expensive ad production model with Sesimi’s Creative Automation software.

Sesimi puts the power of content creation into the hands of your team, it ensures complete brand compliance and it will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. This is money that can go straight to your bottom line, or it can mitigate other costs – such as media or bonuses.

Empowered by data

Sesimi logs every action within the system from most used campaign assets and the mix of products utilised in deliverables.
Cross-referencing system activity with revenue results provides your head office with real-time data on your network’s performance, giving you the agility to make measured adjustments to communication and strategies.

Marketing Manager
Create with great flexibility

Sesimi has given us a channel to connect dealers with our marketing content, which was a challenge before. It gives dealers 
greater flexibility with our content, and ensures control within our brand guidelines, resulting in a halo effect on our media investment.

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A sensational service

The quality of work and service we receive is sensational.

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Customize content with confidence

We can customize any creative in seconds and are 100% certain it’s brand compliant.