Sesimi is built around our powerful Digital Asset Management platform.  It’s a single, fully integrated source of data that allows you and your marketing team to harness the power of your assets and focus on growing the brand. 

With Sesimi you keep pace with the daily growth of your brand. It enables you to store, locate, update and share your assets with whoever you want, wherever they may be. It provides you with the power to limit access, manage rights, control release dates and bring order to chaos ensuring brand consistency and brand impact.

Nearly a fifth of your marketing team’s time is lost to trying to find assets. Get that time back instantly with Sesimi – get them focused on the brand.

The Sophisticated DAM is Just the Beginning

Usually, it’s the sales team that can add to the bottom line quickly with big wins. Now it’s your turn. 

With Creative Automation, you will single-handedly save a small fortune in ad agency production costs. This is money that can go straight to your bottom line, or it can mitigate other costs – like media or team salaries.

And that’s not to mention the massive amounts of time your team will save instead of engaging in a production tug-of-war with the ad agency. Dollars saved. Productivity boosted. Win-Win.

Be the CMO That Adds to the Bottom Line

There is a tremendous amount of user information stored within Sesimi. We track who is logging in. What assets they call up. What content they create. What media mix they select. And lots, lots more. All this information is unlocked for your eyes only (or anyone you wish to share it with). 

You can see exactly how your network is marketing your products and services. You can see all use by your marketing team. And you can generate charts of any period in any format you wish, drilling down to the smallest sales region and individual stores to get insights you’ve never had before. And you can do all this in seconds.

The Insights You've Always Wanted

Marketing Manager

Sesimi has given us a channel to connect dealers with our marketing content, which was a challenge before. It gives dealers 
greater flexibility with our content, and ensures control within our brand guidelines, resulting in a halo effect on our media investment.

Marketing Manager

The quality of work and service we receive is sensational.

Australia Network User

We can customize any creative in seconds and are 100% certain it’s brand compliant.