The days of asset hunting are over

Sesimi gets rid of asset chaos and houses every asset you have in one single location. No longer will you need to go hunting for assets on different hard drives and servers, all users in the network will have 24/7 access to the asset library.

Studies have proven that nearly a fifth of your day is wasted looking for assets – either for your own use or to satisfy someone else in the company. Imagine getting a day a week back – it will change everything about your workplace.




We empower others to create, so you can design

Sesimi is a powerful content creation tool, capable of turning one design into a campaign of assets in a fraction of the time and costs it would normally take for your team.

We’ve designed the platform to be completely intuitive for users so they can log in and make their own assets from your designs. Your creative ideas become customizable templates that become on-brand assets every time. We can also set up a permissions/approval workflow to your specific requirements.

Brand compliance issues - A thing of the past

With Sesimi working hard for you, the brand is safe and your network has access to material and assets that are fully compliant – 100% of the time.

Templates within Sesimi are coded in accordance with your brand’s corporate identification, so there is less time wasted checking designs are on-brand. It’s what we call ‘Freedom within the Framework’ – the ability for users to create material that is relevant to their individual location, whilst remaining within the brand guidelines.

Join others making magic with Sesimi