AGDA is all about the purity of design and conceptual thinking – binding a community of professional designers to use creativity, passions and ideas to help share the community’s vision for business, political and social conventions. Forging a new partnership with Brand Management Platform – Sesimi – is a natural fit for our community.


Design Effectiveness Award.

Sesimi is also thrilled to be sponsoring the Design Effectiveness category at AGDA Design Awards 2021. We are especially chuffed with this year’s topic “Open Sesame.” People will say it was rigged; we like to think of it as serendipity.   

Sesimi have become known in the marketing industry for protecting great design and great branding through their powerful Brand Management platform – software that allows content modification by unskilled people, within set designs and branding. “Good design is a genuine skill that needs to be nurtured, celebrated and protected,” said Andrew Baker, Sesimi CEO. “Not everyone in this world is a skilled designer, but we believe that everyone should have access to great design.”


Sesimi heroes a brand’s beautiful design.

By infusing brand DNA into every Sesimi Creative Layout, all derived marketing material is pure. Every ‘offspring’ creation made by non-skilled designers is mint, on-message and brand compliant. Nothing out of place. No legal issues. And best of all… no one going rogue.


Sesimi brings the magic.

Sesimi is a designer’s dream. All your digital assets are securely stored in one place in the cloud, making them easy to share with others, saving you huge amounts of time and hassle. All these assets can then plug into Sesimi Layouts founded in your creative. These layouts are then accessed by end-users online and will magically expand to all the sizes and outputs. Every output for every channel is 100% within the design parameters you set around your creative.


Sesimi is loved by brand owners everywhere.

Sesimi is trusted by the biggest brands in the world and is relied on every day by network users who can tailor their own creative for their own local area market, without straying from brand guidelines. 

As designers, we know this is almost the impossible dream – that our designs stay true all the way to market. But now it is possible, thanks to Sesimi.

With Sesimi here to protect and celebrate our great design work, we’re looking forward to the opportunities this partnership will open up to AGDA members. 

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