Upload Any File Type, Any Format
Digital assets come in all shapes... all sizes. Sesimi handles all file types - you can upload images/ logos/ documents/ video/ audio in all formats and all sizes.

Here is a list of common files we support -
Audio: MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV
Drag and Drop Single/Bulk Upload
With Sesimi you can drag and drop both single files and bulk files quickly and easily from your desktop or a connected file system straight into the platform. If you’re uploading a much bigger collection of assets in one hit, you can also choose to mass upload via a .csv file keeping your uploads consistent and streamlined.

Sesimi provides a variety of options for customizing how files will be uploaded, including naming, whether to apply manually specified or automatically generated tags and metadata, whether to apply incoming transformations or other AI-based analysis of the uploaded assets, and more.
Auto Analysis of Uploaded Files
Based on focus quality, resolution, degree of compression artifacts (blockiness and noise) and color (exposure, white balance, contrast, and saturation), Sesimi provides users with a score that alerts when images are sub-par for use.
Auto/Smart/AI Tagging
Sesimi offers a rich set of analytical capabilities and allows you to extract the data from uploaded images: photo metadata (Exif & IPTC) including location and camera details, coordinates of automatically detected faces, color histogram and predominant colours. The platform also allows you to assign multiple tags to images for listing and managing your media library.

Using machine learning, Sesimi automatically analyzes the data within each uploaded file, identifies scenes and suggests tags, saving enormous amounts of time when compared with manual data input. On upload, image and video files are screened and automatically tagged according to categories detected in each image/video. With advanced AI, Sesimi’s capability constantly improves, increasing accuracy and relevance to your needs.
Auto Thumbnails
Sesimi automatically generates useful thumbnails from the uploaded images/video to help users with search and sorting.
Upload Presets
With Sesimi, you can define sets of upload options that will apply to uploaded files. Presets can include how assets will be stored, accessed and what kind of transformations will happen on upload (for example, limiting file size if required).
Guest Upload
Sesimi will allow you to generate a unique guest upload link for third parties that have assets to share with you. Think valued customers, community managers, social media influencers, sponsored athletes, external suppliers etc.
You choose the destination location of the uploaded assets and send the link direct to your guest. They can then drag and drop direct to your destination folder.
Uncapped Storage
Sesimi can handle limitless media uploads, transformations and deliveries. Our plan limits are ‘soft’ - if you exceed them, we’ll be in touch to discuss your new needs and suggest a better plan.
Sesimi also provides you with the option to have your data and your assets ‘in country’ for any compliance regulations you may need to satisfy. Simply let us know your preferred data domicile and we’ll organise to suit.
Secure Storage and Versioning
Sesimi stores all your assets on the high performance Amazon web services tech stack with elastic load balancers for a consistent user experience. Amazon servers are the globally trusted solution for asset management given a dedication to security and scalable solutions that are both economical and flexible.

Sesimi constantly backs up with total flexibility around viewing permissions by user and multi-region redundancies for maximum security. When uploading new files, new versions are automatically created and Sesimi makes it simple to restore files in instances of accidental deletions. Sesimi provides for storage options in various regions around the world catering to our specific client needs.

Sesimi features secure and authenticated HTTPS APIs, with flexible access controls, backup, signed URLs, multiple user roles, permissions, and two-factor authentication. Sesimi is GDPR compliant, meets ISO 27001 standards and is SOC 2 certified.

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