Editing Images

Resizing and Cropping
Don’t wait on your graphic designer to get your images resized and cropped. Sesimi makes image editing easy with in-system functionality that allows you to quickly resize or crop get it to the right size and shape and export it for you.
You now have the ability to scale images up and down, by percentage, aspect ratio or specific dimensions, and limit the size and proportions of an image to the same specs.
Sesimi gives you the power to add layers to your images, so you can add logos, watermarks, and legal disclaimers where you need.
Apply filters to your images in Sesimi to enhance the aesthetic and apply it to several images with just one-click.
Face Detection
Sesimi can look into an image, detect the faces and either crop the image tightly around the faces, pixelate the faces, blur and crop or overlay products onto the faces.
Animated GIFs
Sesimi is able to resize and crop your GIFs, transform them and if you wish, convert them to video.
File Type Transformation
Sesimi is able to convert almost any file to the following formats: AI, GIF, PNGM WebP, AVIF, BMP, EPS, INDD, JPEG, JP2, PDF, PSD, SVG, TIFF

Editing Video

On-the-Fly Video Encoding and Delivery
You’re able to deliver video using Sesimi’s HTTP or HTTPS URLs. You can add transformations and deliver your video, encoded to the specified format, all on-the-fly. Multiple users can then stream the video even while it’s being encoded and delivered via CDN.
Transcoding Video into Other Formats
Sometimes it’s handy to be able to switch your video into a different format. Sesimi supports the following video format conversions: FLV, HLS adaptive streaming, MPEG-2, MOV, MKV, MP4, MPEG-2, MPEG-DASH adaptive streaming, OGV, andWebM
Resizing and Cropping
There is no need to go to your Video Editor to resize video files when you have Sesimi. Simply follow the on screen instructions, type in your new dimensions and crop orientations and let Sesimi generate your new file. You can also scale, apply ‘fit to size’ parameters, adjust aspect ratio, set Device Pixel Ratio (DPR) or use Automatic Cropping and let the algorithms work out the optimum cropping for your video.
Simply select the section of the video you want to keep, discard the rest and Sesimi will save a copy leaving the original file untouched in the cloud and delivering a file that you can use as you wish.
Sesimi gives you the ability to apply a wide range of effects on your video - everything from adding transparency and noise to inserting fade in/fade out transitions, blurring footage and adjusting contrast, brightness or saturation.
With Sesimi, it’s easy to overlay images on your video in the event that you might want to add a watermark, insert a credit or overlay text.
Adding Audio
If you’d like to ‘stripe’ your video with an audio or voice-over track, Sesimi provides you with volume controls so you can adjust audio levels. You can even replace the existing audio track on the original video entirely, giving you additional creative control.
Adding Subtitles
Sesimi allows you to add in subtitles under your video. You can control the font details for your subtitles (colour/typeface/size/position).
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Sesimi offers a neat way of adjusting the quality of your videos so that they start quicker with less buffering.

Editing Audio

File Transformation
Sesimi allows you to stream from any audio or video asset, adjust audio settings, or generate audio waveform images from any file. The following types can be transformed for audio file delivery: AAC, AIFF, AMR, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, OPUS, WAV

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