Franchise Council of Australia

The FCA is the peak body for the franchise business segment, with nearly 100,000 franchised outlet members employing over half a million Australians and turning over around $180b a year. Sesimi is perfect for busy Franchise networks looking to optimize their marketing efforts.

Tech Council of Australia

The Technology industry is a vital part of the Australian economy, contributing nearly $170bn per annum and accounting for around 7% of all employment. Sesimi has numerous international partnerships with global brands and its home-grown technology has transformed the marketing efforts of these companies. Our co-founders play an active role in the Tech Council as part of thought leadership groups.

Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA)

AGDA is all about the purity of design and conceptual thinking – binding a community of professional designers to use creativity, passions, and ideas to help share the community’s vision for business, political and social conventions. Sesimi is the perfect partner for AGDA. Our platform nurtures, celebrates, and protects great design by infusing brand DNA into every Sesimi Creative Layout.


Simple makes life easier for Marketing professionals with a suite of Workflow and Project Management tools that drive efficiency and productivity. Sesimi is a natural fit for the brilliant Simple Martech platform – matching our leading Creative Automation and DAM software with their intuitive Marketing Workflow Technology.

Op Central

Op Central is Australia’s most comprehensive operations, training & compliance management software platform, helping franchise and multisite businesses improve their operations, manage risk and become readily scalable. Op Central assists 13,000+ businesses across the globe with managing standard operating procedures (SOPs), training, audits, communications & incident reporting.