Sesimi and Simple are proud to announce they’ll be working together to provide Marketers with a complete marketing workflow and brand management solution.

“This new partnership is a natural fit for us,” said Sesimi CEO Andrew Baker. “Sesimi is class-leading Creative Automation backed by one of the best Digital Asset Management systems in the world. To partner with a clear leader in Marketing Workflow Technology makes perfect sense.”

This is exciting news for Marketers looking for efficiencies to streamline their operations and get the most out of their team. Introducing Martech that is intuitive and powerful, frees up the talent to get on with strategic challenges and top-level thinking. “Both Simple and Sesimi are designed to automate throughput, streamline workflows and drive value to the bottom line,” said Darin Lloyd, Simple CEO.

It’s a no-brainer for Marketers looking to claw back time and redistribute valuable marketing funds back into creating more content in order to compete harder.

Simple is now an even bigger force in the industry following a successful merger with Automaton and Admation, uniting both technology and teams with unique talents and insights into marketing operations.

“We’re thrilled to forge this new partnership with Sesimi,” said Darin Lloyd, CEO of the new Simple. “They have the experience and expertise in automating brand management and we provide the marketing workflow compliance and project management tech piece.”

Together we’ll provide a powerful end-to-end solution for both brands and agencies looking to get more out of their marketing efforts.

Simple enables ad agencies and brands to efficiently manage the full cycle of their creative projects from the earliest moments of forming briefs through to allocating tasks and compiling the assets that make up successful campaigns.

Sesimi chimes in with a powerful Digital Asset Management platform that also houses a Creative Automation function which harnesses the assets and brings them neatly into creative templates that enable on brand content creation at scale for negligible incremental cost. The two businesses mesh together perfectly, covering all the bases of campaign planning, creation and output with minimal fuss.   

Both operations are headquartered in Melbourne, with operations across the globe. “We have tremendous synergy in terms of our development roadmap, commitment to quality and our client base, which traverses a range of industries and government sectors,” said Baker. 

 For more information, contact Andrew Baker at Sesimi or Darin Lloyd at Simple.