Brand Management Software –
The Pitch:

Good Brand Management Software combines the power of a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and an Automated Content Creation (ACC) platform:

  1. The DAM streamlines the control of all our Digital Assets for everyone in our marketing world.
  2. The ACC helps automate the production of ad content in an online platform that is quick and easy to use, ensures 100% brand compliance and saves a fortune on ad agency production costs.

The Top 5 Reasons for Brand Management Software:

1. It streamlines campaign rollout

Brand Management Software helps us get our marketing campaigns out into market with greater efficiency. It empowers our network with the tools to customize Local Area Marketing for their own purposes. The system enables mass personalization for a tiny fraction of the costs of using an ad agency and everyone is on the same page, with smooth workflows and approvals processes. We’re making more messages, more quickly for a lot less time and money and we’re getting campaigns out there faster.

2. It ensures compliance

Because the editable advertising templates that are loaded into the DCC are all brand compliant, we don’t have to worry about policing the network and checking ads. That will save our marketing team huge amounts of time in having to handle approvals across the network.

3. It protects our data

All our Digital Assets and our Advertising templates can be stored on Amazon S3 Servers – the most secure online option in the world. If we want, we can also ensure GDPR compliance with our supplier.

4. It saves time

Our Marketing team spends up to 20% of our time hunting around for digital assets, on phone calls and on long email chains with people in the network who are at us every day trying to get hold of images and logos and artwork files. It’s a complete waste of time – a DAM will solve the frustration at both ends, instantly. With the DCC – we can load up creative from our Ad Agency as editable templates that everyone in the network can access and modify to suit their own Local Area Marketing needs. These creative templates are already on-brand – so our team doesn’t have to spend hours and hours making sure network ads are compliant. And for the network user, they make their own ads when it suits them and gets them to market faster.

5. It saves money

Apart from the fact that we’ll get (on average), a day a week back in terms of productivity (just because we don’t have to search for assets), there’s also the huge cost savings we’ll make in terms of ad production. The DCC can make ads for almost nothing which means from now on, we’ll only pay for creative concepts from the agency – no longer will we pay for expensive ad production. It will also save our network the money they used to spend producing ads for their Local Area Marketing.

The Top 6 Questions About Brand Management Software:

1. Isn’t that what our Ad Agency does?

Yes, but they’re slow and expensive. We will still use our Ad Agency for the creative, but from now, we can automate the content creation process in all media – from TV right through to Social. We get the best of both worlds – good ideas from the ad agency and efficient campaign rollout from the Brand Management Platform.

2. How expensive is it?

The cost savings for large companies with national networks of between 100-200 users can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – sometimes more. So the modest monthly license fees are nothing by comparison. But Brand Management Software isn’t just for big companies. It works perfectly for smaller operations where marketing teams seem to always be running around trying to put out fires.

3. Won’t it be hard to introduce into our business?

No, it’s surprisingly simple. Good Brand Management Software suppliers conduct communications and IT audits – so they scope the requirement accurately from the outset. They develop solid plans for onboarding the system, including systemized training and launching pilot programs if that’s what we need.

4. How can we guarantee our network will use it?

A good Brand Management Software supplier will develop a Network Engagement plan and will recommend a content strategy to ensure our network users start off strong with the platform and that they continue to access the system well after onboarding.

5. Which members of our team need to be part of the selection process?

We’ll probably need key members of our marketing team to analyze different platforms, a representative from IT to help us with integration queries and either our CFO or Procurement Officer to look at pricing.

6. Who else is using this software?

It’s being used in almost every industry by companies big and small, right around the world, including:

The Last Word

Our competitors are getting ahead with brand management software. If we don’t jump on this now, we’ll fall behind.

This article was brought to you by Sesimi – providers of leading Brand Management software used by some of the world’s biggest companies. For more information around introducing the Sesimi platform into your business, contact Andrew Baker –‍

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