Stop being the go-to person for assets

At the heart of Sesimi is a sophisticated Digital Asset Management system that stores, catalogues, archives and leverages assets for users across your network. 

With a rigorous metadata protocol and permissions workflow, Sesimi becomes the gatekeeper and the vault. All your assets are harnessed and in one location. 

Sesimi is the Digital Asset Management solution that’s available 24/7 without the need for you to be.

Make the tech do the work

The power of Brand Management software is that it guards your brand when you’re not looking. Sesimi’s Creative Automation software has the ability to produce marketing material 100% brand compliant every time – a huge relief to all marketers around the world.

With Sesimi, you and your marketing team will become a finely tuned machine that will work more efficiently, in full view of the assets to feed your marketing channels that will build your brand.

Get messages in market, lightning fast

Time disappears when you’re locked in a world of endless approvals and helping networks tweak artwork to remain on-brand. With Sesimi in your corner, you’re able to forget those hassles and work on optimizing the outcomes of campaigns.

That’s the power of Sesimi – it’s capacity to get a multitude of messages out there (think personalization at scale) and do this in record time. As a marketer, it will change your job horizon completely.

Toyota Australia
Network User
Perfect tool for busy marketers

Sesimi is marketing for busy people. It’s a great addition to our marketing tools and it would be very difficult to go back to where we were before Sesimi.

Marketing Manager
A sensational service

The quality of work and service we receive is sensational.

Marketing Manager
Create with great flexibility

Sesimi has given us a channel to connect dealers with our marketing content, which was a challenge before. It gives dealers 
greater flexibility with our content, and ensures control within our brand guidelines, resulting in a halo effect on our media investment.

Australia Network User
Customize content with confidence

We can customize any creative in seconds and are 100% certain it’s brand compliant.