An end-to-end communications solution

Sesimi is a Digital Asset Management harnessing all the assets you need in one place – images, lifestyle assets, logos – you name it. These assets are also integrated into Sesimi’s Creative Automation platform – a powerful content creation software.

This platform is simple to develop content that speaks to the different customers you have in your local area. It’s capable of unleashing a spectrum of messages into your market in a fraction of the time and costs it would normally take with a local design team or ad agency. And the costs are negligible by comparison – not to mention the time saving.

Making ads in a few minutes for almost nothing sounds like a pipe dream, but it’s reality.

Support is just one click away

Sesimi offers an in-house support team that has an excellent understanding of your brand and can help you produce any marketing material you need in the system.

Available on phone or online, our support team are a trusted source of information for Local Area Marketing teams that need help with any aspect of the system.

On-Brand Means Fast

The power of the Sesimi system for users is that assets and templates loaded into the system are already 100% brand compliant. That doesn’t mean you can’t craft a message tailored for your own individual needs – you absolutely can. What it does mean is that you’ll save enormous amounts of time because the lengthy approval processes that you’re used to are gone. And that will get you into market faster with your message, making you a more agile marketing professional.

The system also handles elements like disclaimer inclusions – these can be automatically linked to assets and offers, streamlining the approval process and giving you peace of mind. 

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A sensational service

The quality of work and service we receive is sensational.

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Customize content with confidence

We can customize any creative in seconds and are 100% certain it’s brand compliant.

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Fabulous product. Recommend Sesimi to anyone in marketing. The benefits are endless.