It’s proven that about a fifth of a marketing professional’s time is lost searching for, sharing and retrieving digital assets. It’s a phenomenal waste of their time and it’s completely solved with Sesimi’s Digital Asset Management software.

Sesimi stores, catalogues, archives and leverages assets for users across your network, deftly handling permissions workflows along the way to ensure the correct use of assets every time. If your team isn’t using a DAM, you’re losing money.

Make Marketing Teams 20% More Efficient

Utilise your agency for what they’re good for, ideas and creativity. Then substitute their antiquated, expensive ad production model with Sesimi’s Creative Automation software  –  the world’s leading automated content creation technology.

Sesimi puts the power of content creation into the hands of your team, it ensures complete brand compliance and it will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

The big brands that are already using Sesimi are saving that much and more. As the CEO, you’ll have a happy network (they can make more on-brand messages and get them into market faster) and they’ll do it for a fraction of the cost of using an ad agency.

How to Save a Fortune

Asset archiving alone is a nightmare of juggling server space if you’re not using a solution like Sesimi – which stores all the data on secure Amazon Web Servers.

As an organization which operates in Europe, Sesimi must adhere to the stringent GDPR regulations – providing a level of security that many Digital Asset Management solutions don’t have.

Data Security is Paramount

Sesimi logs every action within the system – and we have ensured this information is able to be viewed senior-level people in your organization looking for detailed analytics around system use.

Cross-referencing system activity with sales results provides your head office with real-time data on your network’s performance, giving your senior management colleagues the agility to make measured adjustments to communication and sales strategies.

Empowered by the Data

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