The Future is Getting Personal

For Banking and Finance teams, Sesimi unlocks the true potential of personalization. It allows the creation of tailored content across a spectrum of media that reaches audiences quickly and simply. 

The capacity for Sesimi to generate personalized messages at scale provides the wide marketing networks of the Banking and Finance sector with access to content templates that are endlessly variable and enable fast content creation in all kinds of media from print to EDMs, video through to all corners of the social media.

Simplify Your Compliance Requirements

With the need to comply with some of the most stringent industry policies that exist in business, it’s not just a challenge for creating and approving content, but also the challenge of getting messages into market fast. 

The array of legal and brand restrictions and requirements in the development of content for the network makes reliance on Sesimi a relatively straightforward solution. It doesn’t just streamline workflow, it mitigates risk.

Workflows to Empower Teams

Sesimi’s inbuilt workflow and approval reduces wasted time for all users across your network.

We can set approval processes up any way you want to facilitate a smooth transfer of information between approver and user, making sure that your network spends more time marketing financial products than bogged down in email correspondence securing approvals.

Get on the Same Page

In a fast-moving marketing landscape, the challenges around having your entire network on the same page are significant. The good news for the Banking and Finance sector is that teams can now synchronize their marketing plans across their diverse networks to capitalize on the marketing thrust and drive efficiencies around the correct application of resources. 

With Sesimi, teams enjoy smooth communication ensuring the strategic marketing plans of Head Offices and the network are aligned.