Personalization at Scale

Personalization presents major challenges for production departments. How do you get the big idea the client loves, in front of so many different people in ways that are relevant to them, at scale? But most importantly, how do you do it quickly? 

Without Sesimi, it’s nearly impossible. But pair a great campaign concept with our extraordinary bulk build feature, and what you’ve got is a powerful ROI story that will change the landscape of your next pitch completely. Ready to join forces?

Get Real Efficiencies

One of the beauties of Sesimi is the power to ensure assets are aligned with campaign parameters and brand values. 

Your teams will cut down on time searching for the correct assets and handling asset rights, leaving them the freedom to build relationships and stronger strategies. Additionally, the in-built approval workflow can be tailored precisely to your client’s requirements to capture all feedback in one place. 

You’ll get your client to market faster with your campaign and you will know that it’s 100% on brand.

Regain Campaign Integrity

With so many different types of emerging media, keeping your campaign integrity on track across so many different channels can present a major challenge. How do you ensure the campaign you came up with (and your client loves) looks like it should all the way down the line? 

Sesimi eliminates that problem by ensuring complete brand compliance and campaign integrity in all possible executions at all times.

Become a Sesimi Partner

Our Partner Program is the perfect way to extend your Agency services and deliver even better value to your clients. You’ll become part of our fertile Brand Management Software ecosystem, getting all the latest tech advances and the key product support and software training that your agency will need to grow with 

We are open to developing a referral relationship with your agency where we can explore an arrangement that rewards you for introductions to our class-leading suite of software products.

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