SAAS company – Sesimi – is the latest member of the Tech Council.

Technology that heroes a brand’s beautiful design.

A 10-year-old Australian start-up, Sesimi is known in the marketing industry for protecting beautiful design and great branding through a powerful Brand Management platform.

Sesimi has numerous international partnerships with global brands and its home-grown technology has transformed the marketing efforts of these companies. ‘Technology sits at the core of Sesimi’s evolution,’ said Andrew Baker, Sesimi CEO. ‘Everything we do is about finding unique solutions that drive customer success.’


Sesimi is getting involved.

The Technology industry is a vital part of the Australian economy, contributing nearly $170bn per annum and accounting for around 7% of all employment. Australia has become a fertile ground for the development of new technologies and the Tech Council will play a significant role in shaping the future of the industry.

The Sesimi team are looking forward to playing an active role in the Tech Council. CEO Andrew Baker and CTO Paul Volpato will be joining thought leadership groups, bringing their energy, enthusiasm and experience with Australian tech to the table.

‘The Tech Council is about supporting the ongoing creation, development and adoption of tech across industries,’ said Paul Volpato. ‘We’re looking forward to sharing our perspective to continue the growth of the Australian tech industry.’ Volpato believes that the essence of disruptiveness sits well with the Australian psyche. ‘We’re a nation that is happy to take risks to discover better. That’s been one of our guiding values at Sesimi. It’s helped us build a Creative Automation platform that is transforming the advertising industry across the world.’

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