Sesimi Case Study: Quest Apartment Hotels

Efficiency the key to Quest’s success story.

Founded in Melbourne more than three decades ago, Quest Apartment Hotels has consolidated its position as one of the market leaders in the Australasian apartment hotel sector. Quest operates in 170 locations across Australia, New Zealand, The UK and Fiji with over 90% of these businesses operated as franchises.

One of the business’ keys to success is its local franchisees. Our local franchisees are what set us apart in the marketplace,” said Jeff Baars, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer for Quest Apartment Hotels. “They live in the towns and cities where our accommodation is based and extend that local welcome to our customers, building relationships with them and making travel as effortless as possible.” 

Quest franchisees offer guests an unmatched opportunity to live like locals in the best metro, regional and suburban locations. “Their local knowledge and passion for creating memorable guest experiences is what makes us unique.”

Despite the global challenges the travel and hospitality industry has faced over the last two years, Quest Apartment Hotels remains strong, opening an average of 7 new locations each year over the past decade, with many more new hotels pipelined. The growth of the group has created opportunities for existing franchisees to add multiple Quest franchises to their portfolio. 

Build the brand, and they will come

Quest’s business format franchise model provides business owners with the strategic framework, tools and resources they need to run successful, profitable and rewarding operations.  The company’s commitment to developing the brand is led by a dedicated marketing team that has invested in systems and technology such as global brand management platform, Sesimi.

Partnering with Sesimi ensures we’re able to manage our brand and roll out marketing campaigns seamlessly. It provides a vast number of asset templates that franchisees can access instantly, wherever they are, to build content within our guidelines.”

– Jeff Barrs

Through a combination of digital asset management technology trusted by over 8,000 customers worldwide and a powerful automated content creation system, Sesimi provides the power to deliver campaigns at scale.

Our platform is ideal for franchise networks across countries, across the world. The all new Sesimi content creation platform offers the ability for franchisees to generate content for all media channels instantly, whenever they want. No need for specialist design skills or specialist design software. It’s fast and painless. Creating whole campaigns for TV, social, digital, outdoor – you name it – is easier than booking a flight online.”

– Andrew Baker, Sesimi CEO

Sesimi is front and centre when it comes to protecting and enabling Quest’s brand position. “Our brand is ultimately our value, so it’s everything,” Baars notes. “At full health it has the power to cultivate emotional connection with consumers, in turn allowing our franchisees to yield rates and be successful in doing what they love.”

A coordinated national approach, executed locally.

With a strong research and data-driven approach, Quest develops national marketing campaigns and then work together with their franchise network to bring those campaigns to life at a local level.

This is where Sesimi excels, providing the Quest network access to the resources they need to cost efficiently tailor national marketing campaigns to their specific property – at scale, in real time.

If each of our business owners activate a particular campaign, our reach is going to be far greater and more impactful than we can create at a national level. By working with trusted strategic partners like the team at Sesimi, we’re ultimately able to provide LAM resources that make it easy for our business owners to deliver on-brand BAU activity and campaigns which drive results. 

– Jeff Barrs

A 5-star Franchise performer.

Quest was recently honoured as the first Australian franchise to be awarded a 5-star rating on the Australian Franchise Rating ScaleTM. Independently awarded by FRANdata Australia, this rating is the ultimate endorsement of Quest’s franchise setup. “Awards like this don’t happen by accident, they are the product of a continual drive for efficiency and excellence, and marketing is no different. 

Following a tricky period for the industry, budgets are limited. That’s why it’s important we look to deploy the right tools and gain efficiencies wherever possible. Sesimi is one of those tools for us.

– Jeff Barrs

Use tech to do the grunt work.

Baars has three pieces of advice for franchisees looking for success in marketing:

 Plan, plan, plan.

Too many business owners get distracted by getting lost in small and less significant details and looking at standalone tactics and opportunities rather than strategic marketing. Using a brand management platform like Sesimi alleviates a huge amount of the work for franchisees and corporate staff alike, allowing all parties to focus on meaningful, brand-elevating marketing which has the power to really move the dial and drive sustained results.

– Jeff Barrs