Unlimited Folders
Everyone will have a different way to organise their assets. Sesimi caters for every need, so you can create as many folders and categories as you want.
Asset Management
Sesimi provides you with total control over how you want to manage your assets. Moving, renaming, duplicating and deleting assets in single or bulk form all become simple tasks. You can also modify, delete tags and change share permissions around assets or folders with all in one go.
Controlled Custom Fields
Custom Fields allows you to add key/value pairs to your assets. With controlled custom fields that support both single and multi-values, you have the tools you need to ensure that your asset data is set up and maintained so that it works with the ecosystem of tools and data that you use every day.

Custom Field keys can either be controlled by admins, or added freely by admins/collaborators.
Filtering/facets can be executed by tags, Custom Fields, metadata, orientation, favourites and more. Image description, product data, photographer details, royalty information, model usage rights, and countless other descriptions will help you filter your search.
Sesimi offers you filtering functionality and will help you sort your assets by date, name, position and popularity.
You can also set the order that you’d like visitors to your asset library to see. And with asset previews on image and video files together with custom tagging fields, Sesimi gets you to the right asset faster.
Custom Metadata
Quality metadata attached to assets makes search so much easier. Sesimi supports two types of custom metadata - contextual metadata and structured metadata.
Contextual metadata gives authorised users plenty of control over field descriptions of an individual asset, while structured metadata is applied by administrators at a cloud level and can blanket multiple assets.
Auto Back Up & Version Control
Sesimi can be set up to automatically back up your assets to maintain a version history of individual files. That lets you view, download or restore previous revisions as well as retrieving deleted assets if you need to. We can also set it up so that files are automatically backed up as they’re loaded into your DAM.
Rights Management and Embargoes
Sesimi allows you to control assets and put safety zones around those that have legal requirements - like talent and music restrictions to specific media or time limits. On attempt to download such an asset, a user is alerted to Rights Management restrictions and must accept terms and conditions of asset use prior to authorised download.

Rights Management Agreements can be loaded against Assets forcing agreement acceptance prior to download. There are validation fields including terms and conditions of use that the user needs to complete to authorize the download, and it’s possible to add Rights Management documentation within this authorisation.
With Sesimi, you can load Rights Management documentation and Usage Terms and conditions separately – and these can form part of the download workflow.

Sesimi also provides administrators/asset owners with the ability to set specific campaign periods and Rights Managed deadlines on assets, embargoing use outside authorised timelines. All assets can have a start and end date making them visible for download between those dates for certain types of users, while some users can be given permission to see all assets at all times.

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