Advanced Search
Sesimi’s advanced search feature enables you to search for media assets by specifying a large variety of filtering criteria to help you find assets that meet your design and content needs.
We search everything fast to make your life easy.
Advanced Image Search
Search for images based on advanced image analysis including the style of the image, the predominant colours of the image, the number of faces (as determined by Sesimi’s built-in face detection algorithm), or the location of a photo.
Predictive Search
When you type into a search field, Sesimi predicts the query and provides you with suggestions on the fly to help you fine tune your search possibilities. It gets you to the content you’re looking for faster.
Reverse Image Search
Sometimes, it’s easier to search for an asset using a similar image rather than trying to describe that image with words. Sesimi allows you to upload an image and it will trawl your asset library for closely matched items.
Federated Search
Most people use Federated Search every day, without even knowing it. The typical example is typing into Google, the Mac OS ‘spotlight’ search bar or the Windows search bar. Searches like this present a range of results across different data groups - for instance, apps, webpages, contacts and documents.

With Federated Search, Sesimi users can search across their asset library for different ‘layers’ of content across multiple data groups and have the results combined and presented in one simple view. With just one query, Sesimi undertakes multiple search options, empowering you to drive deeper to find the asset you’re looking for and get fast results.
Pin Your Favorites
Sesimi provides you with the option to save a search and ‘pin it’ as a ‘favorite’ search within your folder hierarchy.

You can choose to add the pinned search for personal use only or open it up to other users to help them find assets or groups of assets faster. This is ideal if you’re the marketing manager and want to pin a group of new campaign assets and provide a team with a shortcut to those assets.
Sesimi allows you to specify filters - for instance, by metadata, name, color, size, file type etc - to fine-tune your search. This is particularly handy to refine results and get you to the files you’re looking for quickly.

With Instant Search, Sesimi updates filtered results in real time, even as you type. So you can be halfway through typing your search and Sesimi has already pinpointed what you’re after. Sesimi will even overlook typos to interpret your search.

Sesimi builds profiles on system users to better understand the nature of their searches. This level of personalisation brings them even closer to their search results based on usage algorithms. For instance, an automotive dealer might type in ‘C-A-R’ and Sesimi will auto-suggest ‘Car Accessories, Car Parts’ etc whereas a Travel Agent might type in ‘C-A-R’ and Sesimi will auto-suggest ‘Caribbean cruises, Caravan holidays’ etc.

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