Access Anywhere, Anytime
Sesimi is super secure, cloud and browser-based, giving you 24/7/365 access to all of your digital content. You can connect with any of your files from any web device, anywhere in the world. At home. At work. Or sipping a long black in a Timbuktu cafe.
File Preview
Sesimi supports in system previews for almost every file type. That makes it easy to scan through PDFs, videos or images without having to download them, saving time and space on your computer.
Stakeholder Access
Public and private folders allow you to control who has access to your brand assets both internally and externally. Permissions provide controls around your entire asset library. You can allow access to the entire organization - or you can fine-tune permission levels by creating multiple collections.

When it comes to external access, Sesimi is happy to welcome guests to the party. External photographers, designers, PR companies or ad agencies - no problem whatsoever. With easy access protocols and simple ways to open folders up for private or public use, Sesimi helps you share the love.
Our Single Sign On (SSO) authentication via Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) streamlines how you interact with Sesimi, simplifying login and enabling you access to the system with single identity management.

We set up SSL Certificates for all our URLs to ensure encryption in all transfers between Sesimi and clients. A single sign-on brings your team closer to the Sesimi platform.
Custom Metadata
Quality metadata attached to assets makes search so much easier. Sesimi supports two types of custom metadata - contextual metadata and structured metadata.
Contextual metadata gives authorised users plenty of control over field descriptions of an individual asset, while structured metadata is applied by administrators at a cloud level and can be applied to multiple assets.
Because Sesimi is cloud based, it integrates seamlessly with other platforms and provides a familiar experience for every user.
Sesimi plugs straight into your CRM and Sales Martech ecosystem, optimizing the investment you’ve already made in your technology. With smart APIs, data can be harnessed and harvested to facilitate smooth asset management for all your network users. Content created on our platform will be pushed directly into marketing channels including email and social.

While we have significant technical involvement with our onboarding process, we also have the capacity to solve more complex integration requirements. The Sesimi team is well versed in working with existing software ecosystems. Our IT people get involved early with your IT team to align the systems from the outset. We bring your APIs into our system and share ours with yours. Our aim is to optimise the IT investments you’ve made in existing software and we strive to mesh and amplify with your system to ensure we are interconnected.

Your CRM is vital for managing your interaction with customers (both current and future). We cater for a range of CRM platforms (e.g. SalesForce) for fast, reliable and powerful integration between databases.

Sesimi integrates with your CMS, allowing you to select the images you want to upload to your corporate intranet or website in a few clicks. Our CMS plugins ensure the assets distributed to these endpoints are brand true and latest versions and can automate image updates as they happen so your web content is always on point.
Sesimi offers plugins for Drupal, Sitecore, Wordpress, Hippo, TYPO3 and more.

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