This year’s National Franchise Convention saw more than 400 delegates from Franchise systems return to experience in-person events once again.  

The jam-packed program was run at Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre across two days with fun social networking events that reconnected people the old-fashioned way. 

As proud partners of the FCA, Sesimi flew the flag at a sponsor booth and we were happily swamped by franchise teams looking for an automated marketing solution. Meanwhile, there were some key sessions unfolding.

Here are some of the highlights:

Lockdown with a difference in Antarctica.

Antarctic Expedition Leader, Rachael Robertson – just the second Australian woman to lead an expedition to Davis station – provided a fascinating insight into the challenges her team faced during a long, dark winter. The valuable lessons learnt traversed team building, cultural bonds, leading through uncertainty, and turning moments into momentum.  

Our team had a range of key takeouts that we can all draw on in business:

  • Celebrate the little wins
  • ’Protect the tribe’ so individuals can thrive – Rachael’s story of how Emperor Penguins take turns on being outside the huddle so everyone gets a chance to be in the middle where it’s warm was a powerful allegory.
  • Respect the team.
  • Anyone can be a leader – you just need to take ownership!

Thinking outside the box and giving a crap.

Simon Griffiths – Co-founder and CEO of profit-for-purpose toilet paper company Who Gives a Crap – was a Session highlight. One of Australia’s most prominent social entrepreneurs, Simon shared how he built the business by some lateral thinking and learning from little failures along the way. His insights into how to build customer trust and loyalty and how this helped them through the pandemic was invaluable. 

Once again, our team had a range of takeouts from Simon’s great session:

  • As it turns out… Toilets are funny! Which explains the hilarious anecdotes on WGAC’s packaging.
  • Failing is important in that it provides context and shines a light on the path of success.
  • Everyone can make a difference through buying choices.
  • Test and Learn cycles work!
  • There’s nothing like a puppy to drive engagement!
  • Happy customers and old fashioned word of mouth leads to business growth.

Inside successful marketing campaigns.

Another featured Sesimi’s Senior Global Growth Manager, Stephanie Cheng facilitating a panel discussion on the key elements of a successful marketing campaign. 

Panelists included Christian Johansson, CMO of RAMS and Rebecca Barnes, CMO of Poolwerx. The lively discussion gave the audience some great tips on how to target marketing to the right audiences to generate cut-through in a congested market. Topics covered included how to use data and customer research and testing to build successful campaigns and most importantly, how to measure that success.

Great to see the whole audience jump in to ask questions that deepened the discussion. Here were some of the key points:

  • Christian Johansson: Measure everything! 
  • Poolwerx pool blankets proved very desirable on Social Media during a drought!
  • Two different approaches to Social: Poolwerx gives franchisees ‘licence to play’, while RAMS prefers to drive the content.

In summary, a great two-day event and it was wonderful to see the smiles of participants in face-to-face conversations once again.