Key points:

· Brand Management experts MyAdbox rebrands
· Partnership, VCCP and SomeOne combine to reimagine the brand
· New brand matches new vision for company

MyAdbox hits the brand reset button.

It’s time to share our new brand with the world, but we understand that for many, the first question will be ‘Why?’.

To begin with, a new name represents much more than a logo and a look – it communicates the evolution of an exciting culture. Our team has a sharpened focus on our core belief – we are the protectors and amplifiers of great design and great branding. Our company and product is more than ‘ads’ and having the word ‘ad’ in our name wasn’t aligned with our vision to hero brands and our passion for great design,” said Rene Slota, Chief Marketing Officer. “And the word ‘My’ was too much of a throwback to Myspace. We need to think outside the box.”

It‘s time to reimagine the way we represent ourselves with a fresh, modern interpretation based in our belief that good design is a genuine skill that needs to be nurtured, celebrated, and protected. Not everyone in this world is a talented designer – but we believe that everyone should have access to great design.

And this was our starting point. We set out to build a new brand that speaks directly to our audience more meaningfully around the principles of beautiful design. After an extensive pitch process, we were fortunate to partner with the award-winning combination of VCCP and SomeOne to bring our brand dream to life. They’ve joined forces of late to create eye-catching work for clients including Australian Museum, Cadbury, Compare the Market, HSBC and McLaren.

Brands are much more than external marks – they are our North Star – our reason to believe. As brand custodians for our clients, it was important that we gave our own brand the same level of respect. That meant starting with strategic thinking and developing a deeper understanding of our audience. During a fact-finding 5-month period of market research, we discovered what our target audience thinks about their own marketing/brand challenges. Valuable insights guided our development of a brand strategy and brand framework.

The VCCP/Someone team understood the proposition perfectly. “When we create brands, we aim for coherency over consistency,” said Tom Dabner, Someone Creative Director. “After all, nobody falls in love with somebody because they’re consistent. It’s predictable and boring. Being coherent is about a connected flow – multiple assets that fit together and build over time to create a deeper conversation.”With a strong grip on the virtues of the platform, Dabner and his team were well placed to reimagine the brand.

And so the SomeOne team went to work, immersing themselves in an exciting creative challenge that has opened a whole new world of possibilities. A new brand was born – Sesimi.

“Sesimi perfectly captures the organisation’s position as a magical, multi-use Brand Management toolkit for creatives and marketers,” said Dabner. “We needed to match that new position with branding that sticks in your mind. An electric colour palette of vibrant hues makes the eye zing and separates Sesimi from the competition. Buzzing with energy they pulse through an array of kinetic patterns, magical illustrations and custom variable typography that gives Sesimi it’s rich personality.”

Everything we do – every part of our powerful platform – is aimed at heroing our client’s brands,” said Sesimi CEO, Andrew Baker. “So our emergence as Sesimi, with a new company vision, purpose and values is both exciting and timely.”

Our big rebrand journey is now complete. We emerge from an amazing 12-month period of reimagination as Sesimi and we’re super pumped about what the future holds. We would love nothing better than to open up a conversation and show you what our platform can do. See the new brand in action at