Inbox getting smashed with ‘Top Marketing Tips for 2022’ (or similar)?

If you want to cut to the chase, we’ve done the trawling for you. Here’s our shortlist from a few of the big names and a few spoilers to save you some time:

Deloitte on Post Pandemic Digital Trends

Deloitte’s annual survey reveals the latest digital consumer trends.


  1. Lots of people (ie more than ¾) think Fake News is a problem,
  2. Even more are worried about Privacy,
  3. About a third have switched to faster internet (surprise surprise),
  4. Digital device purchases went up in the pandemic (really?)
  5. Majority of people are tapping for payment with their phone (mainly because no-one wants to touch anything).

Gartner Marketing Predictions 2022

Nutshell: Gartner has wet the finger and thrown it skyward to come up with six predictions for the coming year. You can sign up here or read the spoilers:


  1. The Great Opt out isn’t happening. Lots of people (around a ¼ and growing) don’t really care if they’re tracked.
  2. More people at home means more TV time during the day means advertisers want in to the tune of 60% media spend growth on 9-5 slots.
  3. Employee advocacy (people sharing content) is growing fast and will be a big part (90%) of social media strategies within a year.
  4. AI tipped to play a big role in connecting customers with real people in the sales process within three years. The line between marketing and sales is getting blurry.
  5. Influencers are shaking in their boots with the rise of ‘Virtual Influencers’ – animated characters dreamt up by marketing and PR brains. KFC, LG, and Renault are already on board.
  6. Most (60%) Millennials and Gen Zs will buy on social rather than e-Commerce within four years.  

Forrester Marketing Predictions 2022

Nutshell: Forrester’s B2B team knocked heads and came up with their own marketing predictions for ‘22. They’ve ‘vetted them with multiple analysts’ and they’re ‘founded in data.’ You can buy the full report here for about US$800 or check out the highlights:


  1. Growth marketers will emerge in about a fifth of B2B firms, redefining how ‘success’ is measured.
  2. Partner Experience (aka PX) will become a favorite for CMOs looking to create value.
  3. B2B marketers will turn to more complex tech stacks as part of their digital strategy – 70% of which will be always-on in ’22.
  4. If you intend to rely on marketing metrics through 2022, forget it. The tip is that they’ll be irrelevant and misaligned with the way B2B marketing organizations are creating value and driving business outcomes.
  5. The Great Resignation is changing it up – with more marketing execs becoming what Forrester calls ‘Fractional’ with employee upheavals.

Tune back in at the end of the year to see how these tips and predictions went. In the meantime, here’s one from us: Brand Management Platforms are going to be all the rage during ’22 and beyond and will alleviate a tremendous amount of pain for Marketers across the globe. Spoiler: