Key points:

  • Sesimi rebrand is now complete – matching an exciting shift in culture and new tech.
  • Sesimi uses its own Brand Management platform to ensure beautiful content every time.

Taking a leaf out of the Sesimi playbook.

Last month, we completed our rebrand as Sesimi – a year long journey that captures the evolution of an exciting culture. We have a great new look, a new brand personality that matches our spirit for changing the future of marketing.

Our Brand Management platform is all about protecting great design and providing the means to develop brand perfect communications across all channels, instantly. Our world class digital asset management system protects and shares assets and is paired with a real time content creation platform that is already wowing customers.

Sesimi using sesimi for Sesimi.

One of the questions we often get is “are you using your own platform for your own branding?” The answer is absolutely we are!

As Mattix Design pointed out in their piece on life after rebranding, one of the most important things to do is make sure everything you produce following the rebrand is on-brand. “You really must have a sort through your office – digitally and physically – to make sure everything is up to date and boasting your sparkling new brand assets.”

Thankfully, we don’t need to do much physical sorting – all our digital assets now live happily in our DAM and are accessible by all our team. We’ve got seamless 24/7 access thanks to our cloud-based technology and our marketing team has immediate access to the Sesimi content creation system which allows us to smash out brand compliant content for all media in seconds. It’s not just convenient, we’re finding it fun to play with different combinations of imagery, headlines and copy elements to create tailored outcomes in a few seconds. The great thing is that we can create say, two or three different Sesimi Instagram ads, and then click back and forth on the ads we’ve made to see which one we like the best. It’s so fast and so easy.


Infusing design DNA into every brand outcome.

One of the tips Rebrandly suggest following a rebrand is to “publish a central set of brand guidelines” together with making sure those guidelines are easy to implement. They also suggest getting in-house designers (or presumably an agency if you don’t have an internal team) to create on-brand templates which lock down key brand elements, safeguarding them for use each time by non-skilled member of the team.

Great suggestion, but we’ve taken it one step further. With Sesimi, we house our guidelines within our platform as part of the DNA of each on-brand template created within the system. Rather than the broader team manually changing these designs for their own purposes, they can build content using Sesimi in a few seconds knowing that what they’re making is 100% on brief. It’s the same principle that Rebrandly suggests, just that we’ve completely automated the process to ‘bake in’ the design DNA into every brand outcome.

If you’d like to find out more about Sesimi or see the new Sesimi platform in action, get in touch.