Managing your brand is more complex than ever before. There’s more media to put your message into – requiring more assets for content and more flexibility around content creation. The reality is that your competitors are getting into market faster, making speed of message creation essential. To do all this – manage assets, create content quickly and get that content into market fast for a fraction of the cost of an ad agency production team, you need a smart automated ad production platform. Sesimi is trusted by some of the biggest names in business today.

Using Sesimi will certainly change the way you work for the better – but it’s not going to disrupt your business – in fact, we’ve onboarded clients of all sizes with nationwide networks in very short timeframes. Whilst getting new users comfortable with the platform, it’s not a complete overhaul by any means. It’s a change in mindset and you’ll be amazed how quickly people will embrace exciting new technology. 

We have taken every precaution to introduce the very highest levels of security around our platform. The fact that we are compliant with GDPR for our European operations sets the bar high. All client data is stored on Amazon Web Servers – scalable, high-speed web-based storage – the world’s most trusted cloud platform. We also have the capacity to geographically locate your data if required.

Furthermore, all your data is encrypted at rest and encrypted in transit.

Short answer: Both.

Most of our clients are individual businesses (large and small) who place great value in getting to market faster with on-brand material that costs a fraction of what it did with their old ad agency production model.

However, we are also perfectly placed to help ad agencies drive down production costs for their own clients and make them super competitive in pitch situations with an irresistible ROI message around executing their creative cost-effectively.

Yes, absolutely. 

You still need your ad agency to come up with the ideas, but we’ll handle the campaign rollout within our platform. Remember that you’ll be saving a fortune in the line item that reads “Ad Agency Production Fees”. 

How you use these savings is your call – maybe you’ll spend a bit more with the agency to create more concepts. Maybe you’ll spend a bit more on a wider variety of media. Or maybe you’ll pocket the difference and impress the CFO. 

If you rely on an internal design team more than an ad agency partner, you will have noticed that this internal team always seems to be bogged down making low value-add changes to content on-demand. That’s a bad use of their time. And they’ll be the first to tell you. 

Get Sesimi to handle those content changes and it frees up your internal design team to generate concepts and do what they do best – design!

Yes. It’s a vital part of our system. 

Every organization is different so we can tailor approval processes whichever way you like. For instance, assets can have an approval workflow depending on how you may wish the asset to be controlled. 

Users within the platform also have the ability to request access to assets that they don’t have immediate access to. 

In terms of content creation, approval workflows can be customized to your needs providing for either a single or multiple level approval processes before the end-user is able to download the approved creative. This provides the approver with control over the content and creative elements if required.

Sesimi works with all file formats and outputs to all media including;

Video (TV, Cinema, electronic POS, social media)

Print-based formats (eg PDF, TIF and PostScript)

Digital (Display and Social formats)

HTML5 for output to online and social media and more. 

If a designer can make it, so can Sesimi.

Robust reporting is built into the platform that captures every login, every asset managed, every piece of content created and downloaded. 

You can instantly download detailed reports that tell you the who, where, what, how and when of system activity. 

Why is this important? Because you can cross reference creation activity with sales data to get the most accurate picture of marketing ever.

We have pricing options suited to organisations of any size, from the smallest business to enterprise clients. For a live demonstration of the platform and to discuss a pricing model that suits your business Get in touch.