The franchise Council of Australia is pleased to announce Sesimi as its new Brand Management partner.

Empower your network to create, manage, share, and publish on-brand content in seconds.

Sesimi grows your brand with perfect confidence.
Sesimi heroes your brand’s beautiful design. By infusing your brand DNA into every Sesimi Creative Layout, all your marketing is pure. Every creation made by franchisees in your network is mint, on-message and compliant. Nothing out of place. No legal issues. And best of all… no-one going rogue.

Sesimi brings the magic.

Sesimi is a marketer’s dream. All your organisation’s digital assets (pictures, logos, video, music etc) are securely stored in one place in the cloud, making them easy to share with your network, saving you huge amounts of time and hassle. All these assets can then plug into Sesimi Creative Layouts that magically expand to all the sizes and outputs. All your network needs for any media channel… sorted. Your network will be making great content in seconds.

Sesimi is loved by end users everywhere.

Sesimi is trusted by the biggest brands in the world and is relied on every day by franchisees who can tailor their own versions of national campaigns for their own local area market, without straying from campaign guidelines.


“Sesimi has given us a channel to connect our network with our marketing content, which was a challenge before. It gives our dealers greater flexibility with our content and ensures control within our brand guidelines, resulting in a halo effect on our media investment” – Audi Marketing Manager


Know exactly what’s happening in your network.

With Sesimi you will see everything happening in your network. Which assets and campaigns are being used, where and when. What content is being created for what media channels. Who is active and who isn’t. With full performance analytics at your fingertips and custom reporting, you can break it down and pivot your marketing and grow … fast!