You’ve got talent. We’ve got the space to thrive. We’re made for each other.

Our customers, who include some of the best-known companies in the world rely on our ingenious SAAS platform to protect and build their brand in a fast paced marketing world. To make that happen, we need super talented people like you. In return, we’ve got exciting and diverse challenges that will satisfy your energy and infectious enthusiasm.

Our refreshing work values (check them out below) define a culture that benefits from structured Wellbeing and Learning and Development programs and policies.

Expect a leadership team that gives you plenty of space to showcase your talent. Rub shoulders with wonderful colleagues that bring a diversity of thought and experience and enjoy a work environment where everyone is encouraged to speak up and contribute.

More About Sesimi

Sesimi Values are different

When we came up with our Values, we looked deep within our DNA to understand what really matters. Our Values define who we are, what we stand for and where we’re headed. They drive what’s expected… what’s accepted. They are the pillars of the Sesimi culture.
Most importantly, our Values ‘speak’ to our team, and that’s why we’ve framed them up a little differently. If they speak to you too, then we need to talk!

I’m an enabler

I don’t wear a cape to work, but what I do unleashes and empowers my customers in ways that make them say ‘Yeah!’ I love that. I love how I’m trusted to get on with what I do best – sprinkle a little magic dust over people’s days to make a difference. As an enabler, I smash silos. I understand my team and together, we move everything forward and have fun in the process. You know what? I think I will start wearing a cape to work. An electric lime one.

I’m never mundane

 Humdrum is out. I have a story. I’m proud to be me. I belong to a team that comes from all walks of life. Different talents. Different experiences. Different viewpoints. Vive la difference! NO. ONE. TALKS. LIKE. A. ROBOT. HERE. We park the jargon and speak real – I know that I can speak and I will be listened to. That’s the way we find ideas. That’s the way we grow. That’s the way we break the mould. Why be boring when you can be Sesimi?

I live in divine discontent

Ever since I can remember, I’ve challenged the status quo. To discover better. I stand with people that love to disrupt. And if I try and it doesn’t work, my team backs me. Together, we’re a fast-thinking crew full of curiosity and infectious enthusiasm. We’re on a quest to slay problems, take chances and deliver amazing.

I’m here for impact

Not gunna die wondering. Have a crack. Make it happen. And if it doesn’t happen, stop. Think. Switch it up. Then go again until it does. Bang! It’s about passion. Passion gets me out of bed in the morning. Passion solves. I’m here for impact. You’re here for impact. Let’s team up. Let’s make elegant work that hits like an electric lime meteor from outer space.

Openings at Sesimi

Work on our platform never stops – that’s why we’re always on the hunt for clever Front End Devs, UI and UX Designers, Digital Designers and Developers.
If that’s you and you like what you see at Sesimi, reach out to Liv Sutton.