Well, it depends… If you’re a startup or a small business just feeling your way into the market and you want to dip your toe into the world of design – sure!
Canva can float your boat by helping you play around with logos and knock up a social ad or two. But if you’re a growing business that’s serious about building and protecting your brand footprint with clarity and strength, you need something more comprehensive. 

That’s not to say Canva isn’t a great tool. While it offers countless design templates, it’s often misunderstood by Marketers. Canva empowers anyone to start designing themselves. With a slick user experience you can get started fast and produce marketing material that looks acceptable. You can’t go too far wrong, because Canva effectively connects you with designers from all over the world. You access their imagery, fonts and layouts which are sold to you in microtransactions just as you need them. So if you need to knock together a web banner or a fun social post, Canva is the go to tool.

But as Marketers with a brand to grow and protect, you want more than that. You want multi-channel marketing campaigns where branding is aligned to your brand guidelines. And you want users in your teams to be able to make minor customisations to these campaigns for their own local area marketing needs.

Canva will absolutely tell you Canva Pro is the answer for more advanced marketing needs. But think about it – the concepts of  “Brand control” and Canva’s hero position: “Empowering everyone to be a designer” are at complete odds with each other. This is where Canva falls short.  It’s also where we (Sesimi) shine. At Sesimi, we’re here to protect the design system that goes into your brand. We’re not trying to empower everyone to be designers, we’re trying to distill a brand into a living, breathing style guide that anyone can then modify to suit their needs. With Sesimi, anyone can create effective and branded content without going rogue or throwing on a designer’s hat.

Sesimi respects the huge investment made in crafting a brand and ensures that it is protected throughout the entire brand’s network. Where Canva empowers the end user, Sesimi empowers the brand! Consistency is the key here and good marketers understand this intuitively. In his groundbreaking book How brands grow, Byron Sharp concluded that the key to a brand’s success is creating consistent.

The constant use of easy-to-remember brand assets which will over time create distinctive memory structures that brings the brand front of mind when a consumer is shopping that category. According to Sharp, distinctive brand assets are ones that are memorable, attractive, and provide sensory and semantic cues – things like consistent representation of elements like logo, tagline, jingle, colour and packaging. 

This is why Brand Management platforms like Sesimi are so important. Brands that want to capitalise on their market presence and protecting their brand investment need to make their brand assets consistent and memorable.

It’s not just brand consistency why marketers turn to Sesimi. Sesimi’s templates are way more advanced than anyone else’s in the market – yes, that includes Canva. Canva have a huge selection of different types of static templates. And while that’s great, it is one dimensional. 

At Sesimi,  we create responsive templates that manipulates one creative concept into many different sizes and outputs. These templates embody a brand’s style guide by taking the underlying elements and adapting them to different ratios, sizes, and content outputs.  This means not only do you not have to choose a template type, you can output 3 or 4 different assets (print, social, animated) all from a single template.

In summary, we love what Canva are doing for people looking for versatile online design tools. By empowering people to design things themselves, Canva have become real movers and shakers in the creative industry. That they’re also a home grown Aussie brand makes it all the more compelling!

However, even the team at Canva would be the first to admit that their product is not going to protect the great design and considerable thinking that goes into building established brands. That’s where Sesimi steps in.