If you’re a creative, getting an open beer brief to land on your desk is the dream job. But there’s a bit of pressure.

First, there are rules and regulations around advertising alcohol and the need to adhere to strict codes. Jeremy Clarkson’s Hawkestone Beer brand, brewed on hops from Clarkson’s Diddly Squat farm in the Cotswalds, has managed to fall foul of such codes on two occasions. Most recently it was his suggestion that his lager is likely to make ‘everyone pissed’. 

If you want your ad to hit mainstream media, you need to not only follow the straight and narrow, but you’ll also need to compete with a rich history of great beer ads that have famously pushed the creative envelope. How many of these great ads make the brand stick in your mind? Let’s put your marketing mind to the test and see if you can match the brand to the following award-winning beer ads.

Ad 1 – Beer chase

A ripping ad that rips-off classic action movie car chases with a belting 80s soundtrack.
2m views in 6 days says it all.

Blind Beer - Ad 1

Essence:  Bank robbers gather in bar to celebrate their heist with a beer. They see police in the same bar having a beer. Police see stash. Chase ensues but not in car… on foot, so as not to spill beers!  Lots of hilarious quasi-car chase moments. Police foiled as robbers leap from the bridge and land on a party cruise with beers intact.

Which beer brand is it?

  1. Hahn
  2. Tooheys 
  3. VB
  4. Carlton
  5. Fourex

Ad 2 – Wassup!

This late 90s classic spawned a cultural phenomenon with the catchphrase ‘Wassssupppp!’ – boosting sales by around 2.4m barrels.

Blind Beer Ad 2

Essence:  Just a few guys catching up with a beer and watching the game. As each friend enters the chain of phone hookups, they belt out the catchy ‘Wassup’ and that’s pretty much it. So simple, so much fun, so perfect.

Which beer brand is it?

  1. Coors
  2. Miller 
  3. Budweiser
  4. Busch
  5. Samuel Adams

Ad 3 – What are you doing here!

Pathetic, misogynistic male humor, but clever nonetheless. 

Blind Beer Ad 3

Essence:  Guys on a ‘romantic holiday’ with their wives happen to meet up with other mates and wives in the same location. What are the chances huh? Let’s go to the bar. 

Which beer brand is it?

  1. Furphy
  2. Hahn Light
  3. James Boag
  4. Carlton
  5. Victoria Bitter

Ad 4 – His and Hers walk-in wardrobes

The differences between the sexes resonates across cultures which is why after 15m views in the first three months the ad was rolled out around the world.

Blind Beer Ad 4
Essence:  At a party, girl gives her pals a guided tour of her and her partner’s new house – the highlight being the walk-in wardrobe, custom built for fashion. Girls are super excited – but their screams of delight are drowned out by even more raucous screams of the guys in the next room whose tour ended up in a refrigerated beer wardrobe. The girls look on in disbelief at their tragic male counterparts.

Which beer brand is it?

  1. Carlsberg
  2. Heinekin
  3. Stella Artois
  4. Peroni
  5. Becks


Ad 1: Carlton

Ad 2: Budweiser

Ad 3: Carlton

Ad 4: Heinekin