At Sesimi, we love great design so much that we came up with a software platform that protects it and helps it grow into brands that speak to the world. No surprise then that when we had the chance to sponsor AGDA’s Effectiveness Awards, we jumped at it.

The Effectiveness Awards are one category of many that recognize the best work in Australia across a wide range of disciplines every year. While AGDA wants “to further discussion about design and stimulate the creative progress of our industry”, their awards are not just handed out to the old hands of the design profession – they also recognize the emerging talents of design students at colleges and universities. That explains why AGDA received nearly 2000 entries this year across all categories.

As Sam Dobie, one of the two jurors in our category for the 2021 Awards so eloquently put it:

To win the crown in Design Effectiveness you need to be more than just a pretty face, you need to be a triple threat. Strategy, style and of course, most importantly, success. 

 The campaign that Sam and her co-juror, Kathryn Williams selected for the top prize (aka ‘Pinnacle’) in this category for 2021 was for Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University – created by SomeOne, VCCP, and Unbnd.  

 The incredible Augmented Reality campaign “Your adventure starts here” shuns the humdrum course guide pdf that every other university dishes out to prospective Year 12 students with an AR approach that plays to Gen Z’s 8 second attention span.

43% of Year 12s have no idea what they want to do when they leave school,” said Beth Duddy, CX Director at VCCP.

They have a ‘show me, don’t tell me’ attitude, so the last thing they want to do is flick through a 150-page course guide.

The 9-week campaign was seeded within a TikTok ad that pulled viewers into a series of abstract worlds that represented the new Design and Technology courses at Billy Blue. Each world depicted a specific design or tech area and was based on work by existing students and alumni from around the globe.

The TikTok strategy was supported by Out of Home placements with QR scan codes to bring the viewer straight into the AR experience via mobile. “The long forgotten QR code was suddenly back in vogue due to the pandemic,” said Tom Dabner, Creative Director at Someone. “So we jumped on this as an opportunity for activation.”

They also made the cover of the course guide interactive and built a dedicated campaign microsite.

We had to be more tactical with where and when you could launch into the AR experience.

“Choosing a ‘tap-to-place’ function over a common ‘marker’ to ground the worlds meant people could dive in from anywhere.”

Once restrictions eased, they installed physical installations that mirrored the look and feel of the AR approach around the campuses for a true omnichannel experience. The campaign went viral, with Influencers across the country posting the campaign.

 A huge congrats to Someone Unbnd and VCCP Sydney for developing the ground-breaking work. They turned the pandemic challenges to their advantage by leveraging a multi-layered strategy featuring AR and QR tech to sync with the mindset of the modern young student.