By Andrew Baker, Sesimi CEO

Enough has been said about the mad two years we’ve had. It’s crystal ball time.
What’s in store for ‘22 and beyond? If the recent past is anything to go by, it’ll continue to be interesting, with diverse challenges for businesses everywhere. Leaders that keep an open mind and are motivated to switch things up will get the most out of their resources and come out on top. Here are my thoughts around the top three things to consider as we move into ’22.

1. In-housing and the digital drive.

Historically, the in-housing debate could go either way. Bring your production in-house and you can save substantially on the agency content production model and get things done fast.

According to Forrester research over three quarters of all brands now have in-house capacity and a whopping 80% of respondents reporting they had brought more marketing assignments in-house since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s not such a big surprise. Too often I’ve heard clients comment on the exorbitant fees they’ve had to pay for a straightforward piece of social media content or a simple banner ad. And that’s not to mention the time it takes to turn this content around. The growing Digital Media beast demands constant feeding and agencies struggle to keep up. I must say, I feel for them. Doing it manually is time-consuming and costly. 

This is where Brand Management platforms shine. Digital content can be made at scale, with real personalisation and customisation, in seconds. Agencies can’t compete with this kind of tech – but the reality is that it isn’t their strong suit anyway – Creative is. I’ve always said that agencies should be focusing on ideas. Leave the production to tech. 

The same could be said for the growing number of in-house teams. Replacing external production people with internal production people isn’t really the answer. If you’re going to take things in-house, then do that with creativity and pair it with a platform that will handle the production, with infinite customisation possibilities, genuine scalability and superfast turnaround. 

2. Home is where the office is. Still.

The cumulative effect of the world going home to work for over 18 months and the continued threat of virus mutation means being remote is here to stay for a while yet.  I can’t see that changing in ‘22. At Sesimi, we’ve adjusted to this reality and we rely on a variety of tech stacks to keep our people connected and thriving. I initially doubted how effective we could all be working remotely, but I’ve been blown away by how we’ve all adapted. Sure, there’s a lot to get used to still and the virtual meeting fatigue is absolutely real, but it’s working. It sure makes me wonder how we would have coped in the same situation in the 80s without technology or the internet.

Recent findings suggest that during 2022, a whopping 65% of company leaders expect to make investments in technology. In our world – the world of marketing – much of that investment will be in systems that help to protect, share and grow brands. The Martech industry is big – worth well over $300bn globally – so there’s a great deal of choice out there. For those in the hunt for a Brand Management Platform that will unite remote teams and make sure brands are nurtured, there are three things to keep in mind. First up – agility. The system you choose must be able to cater for all media. Second… speed. It’s got to be fast. No-one wants to wait around anymore. Third, it must be fun to use with an awesome UX. Otherwise no-one in your company network will use it. Time to go shopping!

3. The auto giant is ready to awaken…

At Sesimi, we’re proud to have a lot of great clients in the Automotive Industry around the world. For the first time in the history of this global industry, there’s been a supply chain issue that has really cut deep. How deep? Try around $210b revenue reduction in 2021. Specifically, it’s been a semiconductor chip shortage that has not just hit the Auto industry, but a range of industries including consumer electronics. 

The last 18 months or so has been incredibly challenging for the auto industry, and in the absence of stock, many of those car companies have invested in the essence of their brand, knowing that customer loyalty and brand perception are big drivers in sales success down the line. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel and consumer demand for vehicles is as strong as ever. All indications are that the chip shortage will ease mid year ‘22 and vehicle inventory levels will return to normal to meet this demand. 

At Sesimi, we’ve relished the challenge and opportunity presented during this time to help our Auto customers solidify their brands in readiness for the huge wave of sales activity that will hit during the back end of ‘22. And we’re ready to meet their needs when it comes to launching global marketing campaigns to reach their sales goals. There’s a lot of ground to make up, but everyone is raring to go.